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What is a Tablet PC?

A Tablet PC is a cross between a notebook PC and a personal digital assistant (PDA). It’s essentially a flat-panel portable PC with a slate form factor. Generally, a user will input data either by touching the screen with your fingers and in the case of some older tablets using the stylus to write directly on to the screen. The tablet PC wirelessly connects to the Internet and other PCs and is intended to provide the power of a notebook in a small hand-held form.

What are the different types of Tablet PCs?

Slate Tablet PC
A single touch screen tablet PC without any keyboard and mouse. Most new slate tablets can be utilized with an additional purchase of a wireless

Convertible Tablets
Another common type of tablet pc is the convertible tablet. These are very much like laptops, except the fact that the display screen can be rotated at 180ยบ as it is attached to the base of the PC. Convertible tablet pcs are widely used across the world because they offer the advantage of using a keyboard and also a stylus or a digital pen.

Booklet Tablets
These are dual screen tablets and the name comes from the fact that they can be opened like a book. Booklet tablet pcs typically come with digital pen as well as touch detection abilities and these can be used for a number of purposes including streaming movies, internet browsing, e-reading, etc.

Hybrid Tablet PC
Another popular type of tablet personal computer is known as the hybrid tablet. This type of tablet incorporates the functionality of both the convertible as well as the slate tablet computer. It can act as a convertible tablet with the keyboard affixed and act as a slate tablet pc when the keyboard is removed.

Rugged Tablet PC
Rugged Tablet PC features can include outdoor-readable screens, moisture and dust-resistant screens, keyboards and touchpads. With their shock-mounted hard drives it makes it easy to work in just about any environment imaginable. Rugged Tablet PCs are portable, easy to use, and in most cases are the best choice for a variety of mobile professionals.

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Tablet Computer Comparison

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