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The Apple iPad might not of been the first ever tablet computer, but it was the first tablet to capture the hearts of many people. This tablet computer became much more than a tool; it actually became a status symbol. Even though the iPad 2 has been launched, and the iPad 3 can’t be that far away, the iPad 1 is still a capable tablet computer. If you are considering buying one then what should you know about it?


-          9.7 inch multi-touch display

-          1 Ghz Apple A4 Processor

-          256MB DDR RAM

-          Available in 16, 32 or 64 GB Storage capacities

-          Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

-          3G Models support connectivity through cell phone networks

-          iOS 4.3.5 operating system

-          Built in Battery

Build Quality

As you may be aware, Apple doesn’t actually manufacture any of its own products. They are designers which will outsource the production to other companies. This is actually the same as many PC brands these days. The iPad 1 is made by FoxConn, a company based in China. The quality of the Apple iPad is excellent because Apple is very picky over their suppliers.

The apple iPad also looks like a fantastic tablet computer. Most people won’t even be able to tell the difference between the iPad 1 and 2.


The iPad 1 uses a 9.7 inch LCD screen. This provides reasonable quality results and is actually the exact same screen used in the iPad 2. However there are other tablets which have better screens available. The screen is still readable outdoors, but it is much easier to read inside.


The iPad has a fairly minimalistic design with only 2 ports on it. This includes the Proprietary Apple Dock connector like on an iPhone and a connection for headphones. All wired connections to the iPad must connect through this proprietary dock connector. This includes connecting to a computer, or connecting additional accessories.

The iPad also features Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication. It can be paired with a wireless home network for convenient access to the internet.

Ease of Use

The iPad has quite a large border around the screen. Many people believe that this is a bad thing; however it actually makes it much easier to hold without interfering with the touch screen.  The User Interface is the same as the iPhone and this makes navigating your way around very simple. The iOS interface is very clean, nice and easy to understand.

Consumption Device

IPads and all other tablets are marketed as consumption devices rather than creation devices. This means that they consume information rather than making it. The iPad has many uses and can be used as an eBook reader, to open PDF files, open office documents and just surf the internet.

You can use the iPad to create documents if you really want to. But at 60 words per minute it is very slow. You will also find the on screen keyboard quite annoying to use.

Web Browsing

The Apple iPad allows you to surf the internet using a wireless network. Connection is easy and the experience is quite good. However, it is still slower than a computer to load pages. The iPad also does not support Flash which can make it difficult to surf the internet. Some websites which use a lot of flash for example may be impossible to use.

Battery Life

The iPad Gen 1 has excellent battery life, this is actually much better than many other tablets. Apple claims that you can watch 10 hours of local video on a single charge. In normal use the iPad normally lasts over a day on a charge.  The battery also cannot be replaced by yourself. If it does start losing charge quicker and you want to replace the battery then it will be pretty expensive.


I think we should start by saying that the iPad G1 is a pioneer in it’s own right.  It wasn’t until the iPad 1 came along that the tablet revolution was sparked.  That said, the iPad 1 is a very capable tablet computer, but we’ve always though it was still lacking many of the things which would make it most useful.  For example, it doesn’t have any cameras and you will also need to use the proprietary Apple dock connector for everything which means that you will not be able to use a standard USB lead.

The Apple iPad is a great tablet computer and a must for anyone who likes apple products. If you want to surf the internet, watch videos, and have access to the best app store available on any tablet then this is the tablet for you.

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