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Tablet PCs have been around for several years but it wasn’t until the iPad was created before they really took off.  Although over time some tablet pc prices are expected to come down (as do all electronics) for most of us it’s still a pretty hefty investment since the good ones can run anywhere from  [ Read More ]

Apple publically stated that there was never a market for 7 inch tablets because the screens were just too small. That’s the reason why they are currently only producing a 10 inch iPad (which is actually 9.7 inches). Of course, there is a market and it’s growing at a very fast rate. There are also  [ Read More ]

If you are considering buying a tablet computer then there are may different things that you will need to consider. There are literally hundreds of tablets available on the market, and it’s important that you choose carefully. You will need to understand different things about the tablet computers so that you can choose the very  [ Read More ]

The iPad was introduced as a magical device, and while it is no replacement for Harry Potters Wand, it is a very clever little device which is capable of so much. The iPad can be used to play games, work and also as a television if you prefer. It’s actually very easy to use this  [ Read More ]

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