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If you are in the market for a Tablet computer then you’ve probably noticed that there are many to choose from. It can be hard to differentiate just what makes one better than the other. In this review we’re taking a look at the Dell Streak 7 which is a very powerful 7 inch tablet computer. Now lets get to the nuts and bolts of it though. How does the Dell tablet stack up to the others?

- 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra II Processor
- 256MB RAM
- 8 GB – 16 GB Storage Space
- 7” Touchscreen Display
- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
- Android 2.2
- 5 Mega Pixel Rear Facing Camera
- 1.3 Mega Pixel Front Facing Camera


The Dell Streak 7 looks very similar to every other tablet computer currently on the market. It is however still quite attractive. The back has a texturized finish and this makes it much easier to grip and hold the tablet. The Streak 7 has been designed to be used in the landscape orientation most of the time. The webcam is in the middle when the tablet is held horizontally.


The streak has a proprietary connector which means that it’s difficult to find replacement parts if needed. The streak comes with a USB cable to connect it to the computer and also a charger. It is not possible to charge from USB and this means if you are travelling then you will need to take both the USB cable and charger with you.


The Dell Streak 7 has a very clear and high quality screen. This has good viewing angles which makes it possible to share with other people. The colors are very realistic and this makes it great to review pictures or watch films on. The resolution isn’t quite as high as with the Galaxy Tab and this is noticeable when playing games.

This tablet uses capacitive touch screen technology which is more accurate and responsive than older touch screens. This tablet also supports multi touch which makes it easy to control.

Playing Media

The Dell Streak 7 is perfect for playing a variety of different media files. The 1 GHz processor can handle a wide range of different files without stuttering. The Streak 7 supports many different video formats when you install a third party application.

The Streak 7 can also play back Flash videos effortlessly. This gives you a very good internet experience and a slight edge over an iPad.

Ease of Use

The Dell Streak 7 comes preinstalled with swipe which makes entering text very simple. The streak runs using Android 2.2 which although designed for phones has some nice widgets which make it easy to use. You will also have access to the Android Market which is the easiest way to download new apps onto the device.

Email and Web Experience

As this uses Android 2.2 it uses the stock Google apps that you are probably already familiar using. This means that the Email app is not a dual pane app. Internet surfing is very quick and easy when using the stock browser. It’s also possible to download new Browser applications which support the use of tabs.

Battery Life

As you will probably be taking this tablet out with you, it’s important that the battery lasts for as long as possible. If you are using 4G mobile broadband then the battery will only last 3 hours 48 minutes. Normal usage should see it lasting for just over 6 hours of continuous use. This is not as much as the iPad or many other tablets.


The Dell Streak 7 has a very nice range of features and is contained in a solid housing.  We found the build quality of this tablet to be above average.  In our testing and just general playing around with it this tablet is a real joy to use and the screen is also great for watching films and pictures.  The only real downside is the poor battery life but most of us can live with that.  We give this tablet a thumbs up..

Dell Streak 7 Product Details, Gallery, and Pricing

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