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If you are considering buying a tablet computer then there are may different things that you will need to consider. There are literally hundreds of tablets available on the market, and it’s important that you choose carefully. You will need to understand different things about the tablet computers so that you can choose the very best type.

Operating System:

Firstly it’s important to consider the type of operating system that the tablet runs on. Popular choices include iOS and Android. Although there are also a number of other choices including Windows XP, Windows 7, WebOS and Blackberry Tablet OS.

Each of these operating systems has its own strengths and weaknesses. iOS is fully locked down by Apple, but does have over a million apps available for it. Android is much less restricted and does have almost as many apps available for it. WebOS and Blackberry Tablet OS are great, but have fewer apps for them than iOS and Android.

USB Host:

If you want to be able to use your tablet computer as a proper computer then you will need to connect other USB devices. For this to be possible then you will need to choose a tablet which has USB host. This will make it easy to plug USB keyboards, USB thumb drives and USB webcams into the tablet.


Almost all tablet computers these days have built in webcams. These allow you to use them for taking photos and in web chats.


Tablets are very fashionable; they are designed to look great. If you really must have something with an apple on the back, then you will be restricted to the iPad, unless you are able to source fake Chinese imports of course!

Most tablets look very similar, but there are some differences that you might be interested in. Choose a tablet that you are happy with and you think looks great.


If your heart is set on an iPad then you will be left with a single 10 inch option. However if you are more flexible with your choice and brand of tablet then you can choose either a 7 inch or 10 inch tablet. 7 inch tablets are smaller and more portable; 10 inch tablets have much more space on the screen.


Tablets are known as consumption devices. This is because they consume data already on the internet rather than being used to create new content. For this reason an internet connection is essential There are a number of different ways to connect, the most popular is using Wi-Fi, although you can also choose some models which can connect to a cellphone network for easier access to the internet.

If you want to connect to the internet anywhere then you will need to choose a tablet which has a 3G or 4G data connection. This allows you to put a simcard inside and connect to the internet. These tablets are also available on a data plan contract if you prefer to save money on the upfront costs.


Of course the most important feature for many people consider is the cost of the device. There are many different tablets available at different price brackets. You will need to choose a tablet which offers you the features you need at a price you can justify and afford.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Chad says:

    Excellent post..I’m about to buy a tab any day now and this information was really helpful. Thanks

  2. Max says:

    well… usb is nice, but what about connection to the printer, scanner ? Could they be properly recognised by different OS ?

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