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IPad 3 rumors have been circling the Internet for monthsipad-3-photo, some even just days after the release of the iPad 2. We’ve scoured the web and have compiled a list of all the rumors out there. Which ones do you think are true and which do you think are complete jokes? Check them out and leave us your thoughts below!

Quad Core Processor

There has been speculation that the iPad 3 will sport a Quad Core processor for faster overall performance. This technology is just making its way into tablet space but there’s a good chance this one will happen. The new quad core processors will likely be dubbed the A6.

7 Inch iPad

To help introduce a lower price point, as well as accommodate those who prefer the smaller form factor, some have said that the Apple will produce both a 7″ and a 10″ model for the iPad 3. We’re going with a ‘not likely’ on this one since Apple already does so well in the 10″ form factor, with no real competition, there’s no reason to move into the 7″ space.

3D Displayapple-ipad-3d

While most people aren’t too keen on the 3D technology, there has been widespread speculation that the next ipad will come with a 3D display. We don’t think it’s likely that we will see this in the next few iPad releases but there is proof out there that Apple has been investigating the 3D tablet technology because of recent patent applications they have submitted. A company called RCR Wireless has even gone on record saying “The fact that the iPad 3 is 3D is a dead cert, one Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios told RCR, adding that the screen would be the real magic.” Read more about the 3d iPad here.

Camera with Built-In flash

Everyone was disappointed when the iPad 1 didn’t have a camera. Then the iPad 2 solved this issue but there’s no flash. Many are saying that the next iPad will have a higher quality camera and a built in flash to match. We think this one is a sure thing.

4G compatibility

According to some documents recently leaked from AT&T it’s almost certain that the iPad 3 will be 4G compatible. 4G is still relatively new but it’s already proven to be rock solid and blazing fast so we definitely think this will be included.

Retina Display

The display on the iPad 2 was pretty good but many have wished for the same Retina display that was there in the iPhone 4′s. We think the iPad 3 will see a boost in resolution but it’s not likely the ipad will get the Retina display. Reason being, the Retina displays are very expensive to make and it would be hard to keep the ipad 3 in the same price point as previous models with this extra manufacturing expense.

Thinner and lighter design

As with every model the put out, it’s usually lighter and thinner. We’re pretty sure the ipad 3 will be slightly lighter but we’re actually hoping it’s not much thinner. The ipad 2 was still pretty durable but anything thinner than that will likely take away from its durability and make it much more prone to breakage. That said, Apple has been known to do magic so it’s possible they could engineer it to be just as strong.

So we’re pretty excited to see what Apple has in store for this next iPad. Will it be 3D, Quad Core, 4G compatible, who knows.. As usual, we’ll have to wait for Apple’s announcement with baited breath to find out. Of all the rumors out there, which ones would you like to see the most? Any you wouldn’t like to see? We’d love to hear your opintion, leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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