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The iPad was introduced as a magical device, and while it is no replacement for Harry Potters Wand, it is a very clever little device which is capable of so much. The iPad can be used to play games, work and also as a television if you prefer. It’s actually very easy to use this to watch videos and television shows.

Converting your iPad into a TV is very practical. Who wouldn’t like to have a small 10 inch television that is battery powered and they can take anywhere they go?

Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus is available as a free download, but you need to also have a subscription. This is a really useful and high quality app, regardless of the number of negative reviews that it has received. Subscribers are able to watch may different videos that are available from the website directly on the iPad. This does feature ads in the video, but it’s not a major problem.

You can use Hulu to watch TV shows, movies and clips. Videos can be played back with subtitles if they have been enabled in the video.

The Hulu app itself is completely free, but a subscription is needed to use it. The subscription starts at $7.99 per month. This means that it’s quite an affordable replacement for satellite or cable TV subscriptions.

Skyfire Browser
As you will no doubt already be aware, Apple and Adobe aren’t the best of friends and this means that Flash is not supported on the iPad. While HTML 5 is providing an alternative, you really need flash to enjoy all the videos on the internet. Skyfire is a downloadable web browser which adds flash support. Whether or not this works is a bit random, because it’s not always extremely successful.

The process works by using Skyfire’s servers to convert the flash videos. This means that not all websites are supported. The app costs $4.99 and is a fully functional web browse which is actually better than the stock browser in iOS. This has tabbed browsing and will also suggest sites which can be used with SkyFire.

This is a free app, but it can only be used if you already have a subscription with HBO. This means that you will never be able to get rid of your subscription if you are using this option. This offers lots of great movies and videos. It also includes HBO original programs.

Crackle is another free piece of software which offers a very wide range of different entertainment shows. It doesn’t normally show the latest hits, but there are some fairly recent shows here. This is a free app and you just need to create an account to use the service.

Netflix is available for free but a subscription is required. Netflix is perfect if you don’t want to watch current shows. This allows you to watch a complete series of shows at the same time. The subscriptions start at $7.99 per month.

Although you might not be able to use television on your iPad to get rid of your cable subscription, you can use it as an extra way to watch TV with more convenience.

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    This is actually very interesting.. I’m going to give this a shot tonight. ;)

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