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While Apple may be regarded as the king of portable electronics and tablet computers, there are plenty of other tablets which are worth a look. One very good tablet computer is the Archos 101.   After reviewing the product specs and features below you will see why most people say this little tablet offers excellent quality for the price you pay.


-          10.1” Multitouch touchscreen display

-          Android 2.2

-          1 GHz ARM Processor

-          256MB RAM

-          Wifi and Bluetooth Connectivity

-          Front VGA Webcam


The Archos 101 is an attractive tablet which has a really nice design. The build quality is also very good and this means that it should last for a long time. Archos actually has more experience than most people making tablets as they have been making them for years. The Archos 101 also features a really neat little kick stand, although if you put it in a case then you won’t really be able to benefit from this.


The most noticeable thing about this Archos 101 tablet is that it has a large 10.1” display which has a glass front. The display is very crisp and clear when inside, however trying to view it outdoors is very difficult. The viewing angles also aren’t very good and this can make it difficult to share the tablet with other people at the same time.  When using this tablet by yourself the viewing angles won’t be an issue because you can angle the screen perfectly for you.


The Archos 101 has more options for connectivity than many other tablets. This includes a standard USB port, micro USB port and mini HDMI port. The USB port can be used in host mode which means it supports different USB devices such as keyboards and USB flash drives.

The tablet also supports connection to Bluetooth devices and Wifi networks. This gives you flexibility to ensure that you can stay connected to many different mobile devices. It also means that it is possible to surf the internet anywhere in your home when connected to a wireless network.


The fact that this Archos 101 uses a standard micro USB connector for connection to the computer and charging it is easy to find replacements. This means that you will be able to charge your battery and connect it to your computer even if you forget the official cables.

The USB Host feature is also extremely useful as this allows you to connect many different USB devices. This is something that even the iPad cannot do.

The Archos 101 is available in 8GB or 16GB versions. It can also be expanded by using MicroSD cards.


While not perfect, the Archos 101 is a very good all round tablet. It actually solves many of the faults that people have experienced with the iPad and similar tablets. The convenience with connectivity and being able to expand this using MicroSD cards make it a very desirable tablet computer.

Like we said above, if you are on a limited budget for a tablet then this Archos 101 tablet can be a great alternative since it is packed with features and is a very solid little device.

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