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The HP Touchpad was one of the first devices made by HP which runs on WebOS 3.0. WebOS is a very nicely designed mobile operating system which was developed by HP and later acquired by HP in 2010. HP realized the real value of WebOS and is planning to include it on many different devices, from tablet PC’s to Printers. The HP Touchpad is one of the first tablet computers running WebOS, so is it any good? In other words, is WebOS really good enough to tempt you away from the much more experienced iOS and Android Tablets which are already available?

-          Operating System – WebOS 3.0
-          9.7 inch XGA Capacitive Touch Screen
-          1.2Ghz Dual Core Processor
-          1GB RAM
-          16GB or 32GB Storage Space
-          Front Facing Camera
-          Wi-Fi
-          Bluetooth
-          6,300 mAh Rechargeable Battery
-          MicroUSB Connector
-          3.5mm audio jack

Web OS
One of the biggest draws of this tablet is the operating system itself. WebOS is a great alternative to Android and iOS and is very nicely designed. It actually looks very similar to the Blackberry playbook operating system, and there is a good reason for that. Blackberry actually copied the interface from WebOS when it was first released when they saw it’s potential. Amazingly this didn’t result in a lawsuit like it would have done if Apple was involved.

WebOS also supports multitasking which works even better on a tablet with a larger screen. It also supports something known as Synergy; this is actually an extremely clever idea. Rather than having to sync your phone manually, all of the data is kept fully up to date automatically. This works using the wireless capabilities of the phone and it works extremely well.

WebOS truly is an amazing operating system and is likely the main reason why HP bought Palm. The only problem with it – Nobody actually uses it. There are many more users of Android or iOS tablets. This may not sound like a problem, but it does mean that developers won’t concentrate on designing apps for it as much because there are fewer users. This does also have some advantages though as it means that fewer viruses would also be developed for the platform.

Unlike iOS, WebOS supports Flash videos. This gives users surfing the internet on this tablet a much better web experience.

The touchpad looks very similar to many other tablet computers. It is a rectangle, with a large touch sensitive screen in the middle. It is slightly thicker than some other tablets but does feature a microUSB port rather than some proprietary connector. This makes it very easy to find a new lead or charger when you lose yours.

The build quality of the HP Touchpad is very good; it feels much better than some of the cheaper unbranded Android tablets that you can buy.

Battery Life
As with any portable device, the length of time that the battery lasts for between charges is very important. No matter how amazing something is when it’s charged, it’s little more than a paperweight when it’s flat. The battery life of the HP Touchpad is about what you would expect as it lasts about the same length of time as an Android Tablet.

If you are using the tablet continuously for browsing of watching flash videos then the battery will last for up to 8 hours, which isn’t really that bad. If you are more of a casual tablet user then you will be able to get much longer out of the battery.

The HP Touchpad is a capable little tablet which is built to a very high quality. This tablet is perfect for anyone who wants a tablet computer which can play Flash Video out of the box and doesn’t like Android. The only minor drawback is that there are fewer apps available than on Android or iOS devices – so can you live with that?

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