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There are dozens of different Android tablets that you can choose from. By researching your choices properly you can ensure you make the right decision. The Evo View 4G is very similar to the HTC Flyer, but also supports 4G Data connection. This is a bit of a different tablet because it features a pen input which makes it really easy to write text.

- 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor
- 8GB – 32 GB Storage Space
- 7” Display
- Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity
- Android 2.3
- 5 Mega Pixel Rear Facing Camera
- 1.3 Mega Pixel Front Facing Camera


The Evo View 4G has a nice design and is pretty much the same size and weight as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This has a nice dark grey color with a nice soft finish. The design lacks a microSD card slot and HDMI out which are included on most other tablets. The design also has an internal battery which cannot be replaced.


The thing that really makes this tablet computer stand out is the pen. It uses a pressure sensitive pen which can be used to drawn and input text. There are also buttons on the pen which can be used to highlight and delete. The pen is a great feature, but the problem is that there is nowhere on the tablet to store it. This means that you will find it very easy to forget or lose the pen.

Ease of Use:

The Evo View 4G comes with Android 2.3 instead of the newer version 3. However, HTC have done their best to make this version of android suitable for use on a tablet computer. The keyboard is particularly easy to use as this features a high quality on screen keyboard. It also supports 26 different languages as well as English which is something that isn’t that common on other Android tablets.


The 1.5 GHz processor inside the EVO View 4G is powerful enough to handle lots of different media. This can play back many different video files and will also handle YouTube videos effortlessly thanks to support for Flash.


Even though the HTC Evo View 4G runs on Android 2.2, an improved mail client and calendar application are included. These are both dual pane applications which are perfectly suited to use on a tablet computer, especially in Android mode.

Battery Life:

The EVO View 4G will last for around 6 and a half hours when using the 4G internet connection. This is a little below the average for this type of tablet. Under normal use conditions it should be possible to use the tablet for a whole day without needing to charge it up. This should put it on a par with most smart phones.


The HTC Evo View 4G has many desirable features that you might like. It has extremely fast internet connection speeds and a brilliant HTC Sense UI which improves Android 2.2 and makes it perfect for use on the tablet. The Evo View 4G is perfect for note taking thanks to its bundled pen which makes jotting down notes and doodles a real joy.  This tablet gets a thumbs up from us!

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