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viewsonic viewpad 10 reviewAll tablet manufacturers are trying their best to make their tablets different from the competition. The Viewpad 10 is no exception because this is more than just an Android tablet. It can also run Windows 7 as well as Android which makes it perfect for people who still want to use Windows when they’re on the go.


-          Intel Atom 1.66 GHz Processor

-          2 GB RAM

-          32 GB SSD Storage Drive

-          10.1” Screen

-          Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

-          Windows 7 Professional & Android 1.6 Dual Boot

-          1.3 Mega Pixel Front Facing Camera

-          2 Full Sized USB Ports

More Like a Netbook

The first thing that strikes you about the Viewsonic Viewpad 10 is that it’s actually much more like a netbook than anything else.  As you have probably seen this tablet uses a powerful Intel Atom Processor which makes it powerful enough to handle Windows 7 professional.


The design of the Viewpad 10 is actually very nice. It’s not overly posh but the use of gloss plastic and glass makes it look very sleek. The tablet is very high quality and has a really nice feel to it. However, it’s actually pretty heavy and this can make holding it for a long time quite uncomfortable.

There is quite a large bezel around the screen, although this does make it easier to hold the tablet without interfering with the touch screen.

The tablets design also has two full sized USB ports. This is very useful when in Windows 7 as you are able to use any USB device you would normally use with your PC.


The Viewpad 10 has a very nice clear 10 inch display. It looks great indoors, but when trying to watch outside it can be a little difficult because the glossy screen is very reflective.

The tablet also has two speakers. These are adequate although could be better. Also the lack of a physical volume and mute switch is a little irritating

Android and Windows 7

The Viewpad 10 gives you a choice between booting Android and Windows 7. The only problem with this is that the version of Android supplied is Android 1.6 which is practically archaic. Android 2.2 will soon be available as an upgrade, although out of the box it will run 1.6. When booting into Android you also do not have access to the Android Market.

The windows 7 experience is better. Although the touch features are lacking. It can be very difficult to hit the buttons because there is no touch overlay. It takes around 45 seconds for the tablet to boot into Windows 7 which isn’t really that bad. Tit can boot into Android in under 27 seconds which is about the average for Android Tablets.

Battery Life

The Viewsonic Viewpad 10 battery is rated at lasting for 4 hours when surfing the internet using a Wi-Fi connection. This is very low and means that you will not really be able to get the most out of the tablet. This may be a Windows 7 tablet with a very nice screen, but battery life is still very important.


If you really must have a windows 7 tablet then this could be perfect It’s fairly reasonably priced for a windows 7 tablet, although the Android implementation is somewhat lacking. If you intend to use Windows most of the time then this is a very capable tablet, just don’t assume it’s an Android tablet.

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